IT3-100P-26H(04) 1.75mm pitch replacement cheap board to board connector

The IT3-100P-26H(04) board-to-board connector offers a 100-pin and 1.75mm pitch, and 20 rows. With a wide operating temperature range of -55°C to +85°C, these connectors offer reliable performance in extreme conditions, ensuring uninterrupted operation in essential oil distillers.

AWI is renowned for its expertise in the creation of tailored OEM/ODM solutions tailored for board-to-board connectors. Share your needs, and our dedicated R&D team will diligently bring your distinct vision or blueprint to life.

Part Number:IT3-100P-26H(04)
Number of Positions:100 Position
Pitch:1.75 mm
Number of Rows:20 Row
Termination Style:Solder Balls
Mounting Angle:Straight
Stack Height:26 mm
Rated Current1 A
Rated Voltage50 V
Maximum Data Rate:
Minimum Operating Temperature:– 55 C
Maximum Operating Temperature:+ 85 C
Contact Plating:Gold
Contact Material:Copper Alloy
Housing Material:Polypropylene (PP)

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