IMSA-9890S-18Y996 1.25mm Pitch 18 Pin replacement cheap board to board connector

The IMSA-9890S-18Y996 is a specialized board-to-board connector, offering efficient and secure connections for a variety of electronic applications. This connector stands out with its straight, vertical connection orientation, making it an ideal choice for vertically stacked PCB assemblies.

Unlock custom PCB connectivity solutions with AWI’s board-to-board connectors. Our OEM/ODM services are designed to meet your unique project specifications. Provide us with your design, and let’s create connectors that excel in functionality.

Part Number:IMSA-9890S-18Y996
Floating Type:
Floating Type:
Connection Orientation:Straight/Vertical
Pitch (mm):1.25
Pin Count:18
Boss Type:Location pin
Vacuum Tape Included:No
Terminal Material:Phosphor Bronze
Base Number:Z22
Mold Material:PA9T
Packaging Type:Tape
Beryllium & Halogen Free:No
Current Rating:1A
High Speed:No
Float X / Y / Z :

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