IMSA-9831B-60Y942 0.5mm Pitch 60 Pin replacement cheap board to board connector

The IMSA-9831B-60Y942 is a meticulously engineered 60-pin PCB connector, designed for vertical mounting in compact electronic assemblies. It boasts a 0.5 mm pitch and gold-plated contacts, ensuring reliable and efficient low-current connectivity, ideal for high-density configurations.

In our commitment to innovative PCB connector solutions, the IMSA-9831B-60Y942 reflects our dedication to quality and precision. We offer an array of connector types, including SMT, FPC, FFC, and wafer connectors, each customized to meet your specific needs.

Part Number:IMSA-9831B-60Y942
Floating Type:
Floating Type:
Connection Orientation:Straight/Vertical
Pitch (mm):0.5
Pin Count:60
Boss Type:Location pin
Vacuum Tape Included:No
Terminal Material:Phosphor Bronze
Base Number:C
Mold Material:PA46
Packaging Type:Tape
Beryllium & Halogen Free:Yes
Current Rating:0.3A
High Speed:No
Float X / Y / Z :

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