IMSA-9828B-60Y926 0.8mm pitch 60 pin replacement cheap board to board connector

The IMSA-9828B-60Y926 board-to-board connector with a 0.8 mm pitch and 60 gold-plated pins, is ideal for industrial control systems applications. The terminal material of the connector is made of phosphor bronze, known for its excellent electrical conductivity and durability.

AWI is esteemed for its proficiency in developing custom-tailored OEM/ODM services tailored for board-to-board connectors. Inform us about your specific needs, and our proficient R&D team will skillfully turn your concepts or plans into a practical, tangible product.

Part Number:IMSA-9828B-60Y926
Floating Type:
Floating Type:
Connection Orientation:Right Angle/Horizontal
Pitch (mm):0.8
Pin Count:60
Boss Type:Location pin
Vacuum Tape Included:No
Terminal Material:Phosphor Bronze
Base Number:S
Mold Material:PA9T
Packaging Type:Tape
Beryllium & Halogen Free:No
Current Rating:0.5A
High Speed:No
Float X / Y / Z :

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