IMSA-9707S-30Y948 2.0mm pitch 30 pin replacement cheap board to board connector

The IMSA-9707S-30Y948 board-to-board connector is a reliable and versatile solution for your electronic connections. With a pitch of 2.0mm and 30 pins and straight or vertical connection, allows for easy integration into compact designs, making it ideal for space-constrained electronic devices. Whether it’s for telecommunications equipment, industrial machinery, or consumer electronics.

AWI offers the OEM / ODM service for IMSA-9707S-30Y948 2.0mm pitch 30 pin replacement cheap board-to-board connector. The product can be customized according to your personalized requirements or based on your connector working conditions. Please offer your design documents or tell us your ideas and our R&D team will do the rest.

Part Number:IMSA-9707S-30Y948
Floating Type:
Floating Type:
Connection Orientation:Straight/Vertical
Pitch (mm):2.0
Pin Count:30
Boss Type:Location pin
Vacuum Tape Included:Yes
Terminal Material:Phosphor Bronze
Base Number:Z22
Mold Material:PA9T
Packaging Type:Tape
Beryllium & Halogen Free:No
Current Rating:1A
High Speed:No
Float X / Y / Z :

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