IMSA-10109B-40Y919 0.635mm pitch 40 pin replacement cheap board to board connector

The IMSA-10109B-40Y919 board-to-board connector showcases a 40-pin count and combined with a pitch of 0.635 mm and floating mechanism, allowing for slight misalignments during assembly, enhances the wearable health monitors that need to withstand movement’s reliability.

AWI designs bespoke OEM/ODM solutions specifically for board-to-board connectors. Convey your detailed specifications, and our expert R&D team will prioritize making your unique vision or concept into a concrete product.

Part Number:IMSA-10109B-40Y919
Floating Type:Box
Floating Type:Box
Connection Orientation:Straight/Vertical
Pitch (mm):0.635
Pin Count:40
Boss Type:Non
Vacuum Tape Included:Yes
Terminal Material:Corson
Base Number:H
Mold Material:LCP/9T
Packaging Type:Tape
Beryllium & Halogen Free:Yes
Current Rating:0.5A
High Speed:No
Float X / Y / Z :

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