AXF5G8012 0.4mm pitch replacement cheap board to board connector

The AXF5G8012 board-to-board connector features a 0.4mm pitch and a 2-row socket configuration. Its 1.5mm stack height facilitates low-profile device assembly, essential for sleek and ergonomic designs in handheld electronic gadgets like digital cameras, enabling comfortable handling and intuitive user experiences.

AWI is highly skilled in crafting tailored OEM/ODM solutions perfectly matched for board-to-board connectors. Simply provide your specifications, and our dedicated R&D team will tirelessly work to bring your unique concept or design to life.

Part Number:AXF5G8012
Number of Positions:Sockets
Pitch:0.4 mm
Number of Rows:2 Row
Termination Style:Solder
Mounting Angle:Vertical
Stack Height:1.5 mm
Rated Current
Rated Voltage30 V
Maximum Data Rate:
Minimum Operating Temperature:– 55 C
Maximum Operating Temperature:+ 85 C
Contact Plating:Silver
Contact Material:Copper Alloy
Housing Material:Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP)

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